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  • How to dramatically increase the number of CHILDREN & families in your practice
  • TURN Your Patients Into Referral Machines
  • Let your patients work for YOU
  • How to CLOSE a Referral 
  • Lifetime Access & So Much MORE...
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Internal Referral 
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Hi Doc!

Ever wonder why ...

You have patients who get great results... who love you... but who NEVER refer their friends & family to your office? 

If you are like most docs, than the answer is a resounding YES! So, WHY are you missing out on the easiest way to build your practice??? Why are you missing out on the BEST patients & tons of revenue???

After over 20 years of running a successful referral practice, we have CRACKED THE CODE on internal referrals! 

These strategic but easy to implement strategies will drive a consistent flow of NEW PATIENTS into your office. It's gonna take some effort & consistency... however anyone can do this and be proficient in just 8 easy MODULES. 

Join us and the AUTO-PILOT INTERNAL REFERRAL ACADEMY community today! 
We promise you will have fun growing your practice like never before!

Love & Appreciate You, 
Drs. Teri & Stu Warner
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The Auto-Pilot Internal Referral Academy 
is Pure Genius!

Internal referrals should be happening on a daily basis... and they are, for our clients. However, you must have radical CLARITY on HOW to teach your patients to refer. Now ANYONE can learn to seamlessly funnel a multitude of NEW PATIENTS into their office. This 8 Module Training is a step by step, click by click, approach to MASSIVE PRACTICE GROWTH!

 Along with Drs. Warner teaching your on-line training, you'll also get OPEN COACHING calls with them, where they will train & role play with you LIVE ensuring that you get the same results in your practice that they get in their's! 

NO ONE GETS LEFT BEHIND. You are always only a click away whenever you need additional support.  
It's about creating a culture!

Our philosophy is that the 'MANY ARE STRONGER THAN ONE'!
To create additional support & community, we have built a private Facebook group just for the Autopilot Academy Members. It's about CREATING A CULTURE in & out of our offices! We pull each other up & celebrate everyones success TOGETHER!
Drs. Teri & Stu Warner
Drs. Warner are famous for their legendary pediatric/family practice in NJ. For over 20 years they have been growing their practice through internal referrals, with a PVA of well over 100. 
Now they are going to guide you to the same success!

They have been training & coaching docs for over 15 years & have been featured at over 700 seminars & conferences. The Drs. Warner make regular media appearances on national TV, bringing chiropractic to the masses. They are sought after for their expertise on launching chiro's to the forefront of their towns through marketing, promotions, and special events. 

Now they have created a state of the art on-line training and coaching program on how to maximize your practice FROM THE INSIDE OUT. 
They will show you how to "set the nobs, switches & dials... to set it & forget it."
Let them be your "wingmen" and watch your practice SOAR!
Week by Week Outline of the AutoPilot Academy: 
Tuition BUMPS to $697 on Nov 30th... then to $997 on Dec 31st
AutoPilot Internal Referral Academy Module
Creating a Culture of 
'Patient Referral Multipliers': 
  • Introduction: The Vision, Mission, & Purpose for the program
  • Turning New Patients into Lifetime Wellness Patients, that stay, pay, & refer
  • The #1 Most Powerful Strategy that has built our practice, that no one does...
AutoPilot Internal Referral Academy Module
Deconstructing the 
Patient Referral Mindset: 
  • The Million $ Question... Why are only a small number of my patients referring & how do I fix it?
  • The top 10 reasons your patients aren't referring!
  • How do we measure the strength of your practice?
AutoPilot Internal Referral Academy Module
Turning Table Talk into 
'Referral Talk':
  • The right time to Ask (& NOT to ask) for referrals
  • Using the Socratic Method for obtaining referrals
  • Signature strategy that produces the most New Patients in our practice.
AutoPilot Internal Referral Academy Module
The 7 Levels To Aquire the 'Difficult' Referral:
  • How to seamlessly handle objections
  • Low confrontation referral communications
  • Higher confrontation communication referral communications
AutoPilot Internal Referral Academy Module
The Ambush or Assumption Close: 
  • Get 9 out of 10 parents to bring their kids in
  • Procedures from 'Potential Patient' to New Patient 
  • Internal Referrals on AutoPilot 
AutoPilot Internal Referral Academy Module
Creating Monthly Referral Environments / Experiences: 
  • Our Most Talked About strategy internal referral event 
  • Making it Fun & Easy for your patients to refer
  • Have patients Thanking You for helping their friends they refer in
AutoPilot Internal Referral Academy Module
The Wellness Table
  • Our Most Unique Strategy for generating internal referrals
  • Using Social Media the right way for getting new patient referrals  
  • Obtain Instant Credibility & then get massive referrals
AutoPilot Internal Referral Academy Module
The 'Golden Referral Strategy': 
  • Find out how a Chiropractor sees 2000/ov per week & gets a Massive # of NP Referrals! 
  • Learn this SECRET revealed to us... It is the 'HOLY GRAIL' the 'MOTHER LODE' of NP Referrals!
  • Now that you've learned how to get 20, 30, 50 additional new patients per month... lets put the whole system together!!!
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What Docs Are Saying:
Learn 'how to' to increase your credibility, authority, expert status, and 
It's all possible and it's fun!
We've done the work for you... 
it's "Just Add Water"
20, 30, 50 New Patients 
into your office a month...what!?!
AutoPilot Internal Referral Academy gives you the goods on creating a constant and EFFORTLESS funnel for 
massive practice growth. 
Start expanding your practice NOW!
Let us GUIDE you through how to TEACH your staff & patients how to become a constant referral source.  
Educate... Refer... Repeat!
PRESS play and walk away! 
The Academy Playbook is a 
Profiles of Internal Referral Patients:
Courtney Michelle Andrews & family

"I was referred to the Warners by a coworker who had her son adjusted a few years ago and saw great results. I am a mother of 14 month old twin boys and an 8 year old girl. We were at our wits end with the number of ear infections my boys had and allergy meds and antibiotics were excessive. We began taking the kids to Dr. Stu when they were 7 months old on a very regular basis with hopes of seeing relief from constant runny noses, eczema, and infections. Their immune systems began strengthening and we saw results fairly quickly after beginning adjustments. We have been committed to ensuring and maintaining the health of our kids and are happy to say that none of my kids have taken antibiotics or daily allergy medicine in 7 months!! To me that is amazing! We appreciate the knowledge Dr. Stu & Dr. Teri have passed on to us and would highly recommend the practice to anyone."

Diane DeFonza DeMarco & family

"Over three years ago, the Lord blessed me by allowing my path to cross with the Warners. I was referred into the Warners by my sister & brother-in-law, & met them at my nephew's birthday party. They told me they could help me with my health issues. They explained their philosophy of chiropractic care and wellness. I had never thought of chiropractic care in this way before. I had been to chiropractors in the past when I was in pain, but never thought that subluxation could be hindering my body's natural healing processes. Well, to make a long story short, it just made sense to me, and I began treatment with the Warners. Within a few months, my health was remarkably changed. I felt invincible!!!... I took my 3 year old daughter & my husband to... the Warners. They cared for her and she hasn't had an ear infection since. She is now 6 years old. I honestly don't know what I would do without them. Their practice has changed my life and that of my entire family."

Don't Miss Out On Patients Like These In Your Practice! 
80% of Your Patients Aren't Referring Their Friends & Family. 
Join Us... Let's Grow Your Practice Together, From the Inside Out!
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Gain immediate access to the modules.
Tuition BUMPS to $697 on Nov 30th... then to $997 on Dec 31st
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